CANADA Ginseng Root 加拿大洋参须 Ginseng Roots 洋参须 100g


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The effect of ginseng :
Using ginseng to make tea, it can achieve the effect of nourishing Qi, nourishing and nourishing Yin.
Ginseng Ophiopogon tea combines the advantages of ginseng and Ophiopogon.
There is no expensive price of ginseng, but it has the effect of ginseng.
It can not only replenish vitality, but also nourish heat, prevent arteriosclerosis,
treat heart failure and crown. Heart disease, pulmonary heart disease.
Single-flavored ginseng is easy to cause arrhythmia,
Ophiopogon japonicus contains Ophiopogon japonicus polysaccharide, sexually cold,
nourishing yin and nourishing the liver, and stomach Shengjin.”

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